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Jon is a talented writer with a wonderful sense of humor. I’ve admired his work over the years and believe his wit and understanding will help give us important and funny insights into reality. I look forward to his take on the crazy world we occupy.
–Mort Crim, Florida

[Author’s Note: Mort Crim was a broadcast journalist for over thirty-five years, working as a correspondent with ABC New York, and as senior editor and anchor for WDIV-TV Detroit. His support is gratefully acknowledged in “The Time I Made Six Figures in Six Seconds.” Mort’s memoirs will be published soon, and will no doubt include the fact that he was the real-life inspiration for Will Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy in the “Anchorman” films.]

Jon, your take on my “shimmy move” at the Joe Namath audition gave me a good laugh—and the need to shed some light on it after all these years! Although I wish I could say that it was premeditated to stand out from the other dancers, the truth is that I was always juggling auditions, rehearsals, classes, commercials and shows, and I never wanted to be late. So what appeared to be my using “the oldest trick in the dancer’s bag” was just double-checking my own watch. However, I’m glad to know that my little shimmy did get me noticed and eventually cast for both of the fabulous opportunities that you booked me on. It was such a pleasure getting to work with you! Kudos for sharing your stories. Your blog … is just brilliant!
–Lee Ann Marie, Chicago

[Author’s Note: Lee Ann Marie is the “petite thing in purple” featured in “The Time I Slept With Miss December.” I’m delighted with her success.]

Oh Jon, I so enjoyed reading “The Time I Slept with Miss December” and perusing the Gallery. When I began doing work for Byer and Bowman…it was only after you groomed me into being comfortable in front of a mic that I had the courage to audition for a booth-announcing job at WLWC. And that led to the weekend weather gig. I’ll always be grateful to you for your coaching and your encouragement.
–Mona Scott, Florida

[Author’s Note: Mona is far too kind; talent like hers is easy to encourage. I’m thrilled that KatzTales has brought us together again, if only online.]

KatzTales makes it clear that Jon is truly a man of many talents: writer, director, producer, singer, actor and so much more. I have seen Jon “make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”—that is, all those low-budget commercials. And he has made the bigger-budget productions better than they might have been! I loved working with Jon on many projects. He is a gentle, kind and inspiring person. I look forward to each new installment of KatzTales!
–Ron David, Michigan

[Author’s Note: Ron is quite a multitalented man himself, and I was privileged to work both with and for him. His delightful memoir, “But, I Never Met Sinatra,” was the inspiration for the entire KatzTales project, and in particular, “The Time I Made Sinatra Smile.” Thank you, Ron, for the example you set for us kids just coming up.]

Congratulations! Just the right touch of levity and professionalism! I’m looking forward to what’s to come!
–Robert S., Caracas, Venezuela

Brilliant!!!!  Funny!!!!!!  You had me on the edge of my seat reading about Sinatra. Your writing style is amazing! Keep ’em coming!
–Susie T., Michigan

These stories are amazingly wonderful. I could not stop reading them! Can’t wait for the next one!
–Holly K., Florida

Fun…interesting…and the pictures are great!
–Ken M., New York

I love reading your stories! More please!
–Donna C., Michigan

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